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Just Like People, Businesses Come In All Shapes and Sizes

Cohen Insurance Agency has a policy for every type business. Our wide range of carriers and connections make it possible to find insurance for your buisness, whether its a start-up or a legacy. 

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 We can help develop a sound plan for your Business Inurance to make sure your are properly covered. 

Bonuses Matter!

Bonuses come in all shapes and sizes, and a lot of it depends on how much money you are wanting to move. Many of our Retirement and Financial Planning products offer bonues, some as high as 20%, to help boost your investment. 

Contact us today to see what your bonus is. 
Take The Stress Out Of Financial Planning

As a business owner it can be very stressful to develop a strong plan that will take full advantage of your money. A Plan that will make your money work hard for you, rather than you working hard for your money. 
Fortunately, Cohen Insurance has the answers, and a wealth of knowledge we want to share.  

Join me at a FREE presentation and discover how you can work toward clarity, and certainty in your retirement planning - while addressing the cost of living. 

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Multi-policy Discount

You could save 5% extra on your Personal Lines Insurance if you have (or get) another policy through Cohen Insurance Agency. It could be for anything: 
a Car, Home, Motorcycle, ATV, etc.